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CONTAGIO EXCHANGE Contagio exchange was created to absorb malware samples shared by readers of Contagio. This is meant to be a community driven malware collection.
Edit Aug 2013 - The community is busy and Mila too so this was not a very active site (my fault probably) so I will be just dumping malware strings here - it often helps in malware identification and googling is the best way.
With just strings, not exactly a fun blog to read but might become s useful resource over time.
I will not be posting samples here, just md5. You can find the corresponding samples on contagio or ping me if you can't find
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

011 CVE-2010-0188 PDF - with decided JS (thanks to Villy) - Mar 2012

MD5 B9E21C8ADFB5A3844CC2991ECBE0378C
Virustotal 8 / 41
Decoding help http://www.hashemian.com/tools/html-url-encode-decode.php 
Sample credit: thanks to anonymous donation 

Download (pass infected)

SHA256:     0638324b80aaa7d185f353fd4d5436d70845d648e62791e60cdc1626359c05cc
SHA1:     6bf714ac9dd12d0bfd06ac6377a0658d7c54e046
MD5:     b9e21c8adfb5a3844cc2991ecbe0378c
File size:     16.6 KB ( 17029 bytes )
File name:     1214934.pdf
File type:     PDF
Detection ratio:     8 / 41
Analysis date:     2012-03-22 11:47:54 UTC ( 1 minute ago )
Avast     PDF:ContEx [Heur]     20120320
AVG     Script/PDF.Exploit     20120322
Kaspersky     Exploit.JS.Pdfka.fpt     20120322
Microsoft     Exploit:Win32/Pdfjsc.AAX     20120322
NOD32     JS/Exploit.Pdfka.PJC.Gen     20120322
Sophos     Troj/PDFJs-WR     20120322